Pumpkin Nails: Ideas, Images, Looks, Feels

Pumpkin Nails are harvested in the autumn making them a great choice for Halloween. They are widely used during the festival Halloween and are carved in the name of family activities. Carving pumpkins is the most fun activity one can do during the festival Halloween.

History Of Pumpkin On The Holiday Halloween: Nails

Some say they are to guard against the evil atmosphere and protect and provide abundance. Not only abundance but also they can bring tons of happiness. So, there’s no harm in keeping pumpkins at home. In fact, in India people actually use pumpkins in front of their houses to keep the evil spirits off the house and them.

The numerous seeds in the pumpkin represent fertility and motherhood. As they are harvested around the month of October they are used and seen more during halloween.

October can be the best month for fun pumpkin nail. Well, one can go crazy with nail for Halloween and it is no doubt to find skulls and fake blood as nails during Halloween but also hand painting pumpkin onto one’s nails would set the mood for Halloween and the whole of October!

Pumpkin Nails Designs

Nail salons can be expensive during the holiday season and if one wishes to have pumpkin nails for halloween, it’s really simple to follow a few steps and get those beautiful nails to flaunt all the halloween.

Mismatched Pumpkin Nails/ Matte Black Nails

One can go for mismatched colors of orange and dark green for a pumpkin vibe. Or if the costume has a ton of black and if black is the vibe that one is going for, matte black nails with little orange pumpkins on top would complete the outfit’s look.

Glitter Those Pumpkin Nails Up

Shine those pumpkin nails with a glitter coat on Halloween night. Nothing beats a glitter nail on a night and especially on a Halloween night. That combination of orange and black with a glitter coat is a marvelous discovery. It not only makes one’s nails look terrific but also drop dead gorgeous in various kinds of lights. It totally makes them look expensive but also chic.

Bright Neon Pumpkin Nails

Neon nails are currently in the trend. Grab this opportunity to show off those super bright neon pumpkin nails at night!

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are no less. If the nail doesn’t allow enough space for a whole pumpkin, one can go mini mini pumpkin seeds making them look cute and effortless.

Fun Activity For Kids

This can be an exciting activity for kids as well. Hand paint their nails or Ask them to paint a pumpkin over their nails to trigger their creativity. This absolutely helps with their brain engagement and allows them to have creative liberty.

For The Halloween Movie Fans

If one is a fan of Halloween movies like Hotel Transylvani, Corpse Bride or The Addams Family, hand painted Halloween nails could be a great surprise and they are going to be extremely happy with this gesture!

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