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Grand Fisher (Gurando Fissh) is a Hollow who has eluded Shinigami for 54 years and is responsible for Ichigo Kurosaki’s mother, Masaki Kurosaki’s, death. He later transformed into an imperfect Arrancar after defeating Ichigo, but was killed by Isshin Kurosaki.

Appearance: Grand Fisher

Grand Fisher resembles a giant hamster in his Hollow form, with red bird-like hands and feet and a red tentacle-like limb that hangs from his forehead, similar to an anglerfish’s lure. The lure is roughly Human-sized and can be transformed into the appearance of anyone Grand desires, usually a young girl.

He resembles a smaller, more humanoid version of his old self in his first Arrancar form, with a tattooed face. His mask relics are his entire lower jaw, which covers half of his face.

Grand Fisher
Class of Grand Fisher

However, when he reappears in the Human World to kill Ichigo, his appearance has drastically changed. His mask is complete, with the upper half resting on his brow. He is also much larger and has green fur all over his body. He also has a larger Hollow hole than in his previous appearance, and he carries a large Zanpakut on his back.

History: Grand Fisher

Grand Fisher eluded the Shinigami for 54 years, during which time he became a notorious Hollow about whom Soul Society has a large database. Grand was hiding by a swollen river in Karakura Town when Ichigo Kurosaki was nine years old. The lure had taken the form of a young girl, and its body had been hidden. Ichigo and his mother were walking down the street when Ichigo noticed the lure on the riverbank. Ichigo saw her about to jump in and dashed to stop her. Masaki attempted to stop her son, but after Yhwach’s Auswählen took her Quincy powers, she was rendered defenceless and killed by Grand Fisher. For more updates, visit:

Shinigami’s Agent arc

While holding Karin, Grand Fisher confronts Ichigo.

When Ichigo and his family visit Masaki’s grave, he sees Grand Fisher’s lure, which is in the shape of the girl he saw the night Masaki died. He rushes towards the lure, but it disappears. Karin Kurosaki later sees the same girl and, realising it is not a living person, goes to a nearby priest to report it. Grand pins her to the ground when he realises she can see and hear him. Yuzu Kurosaki attempts to assist her sister, but Grand catches her with a tentacle and decides to eat her first because she is in his path.

Grand Fisher
Magic of Grand Fisher

Ichigo wonders who she is after recognising the lure. The skin of the lure peels away, revealing its true form, and it reattaches itself to Grand . Rukia Kuchiki explains who the Hollow is and how he traps his victims while Grand Fisher wonders if all these people who can see him will fit inside his stomach. Ichigo becomes enraged and attacks Grand , who dodges and regenerates his severed hand. Rukia tries to attack the Hollow with Kid as it attacks Ichigo, but Ichigo tells her to stop, insisting that it is his fight.

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