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Peach Nails: Intro

Peach is a colour of freshness with fruity touch to it. It’s a sweet, happy and friendly colour  for the summer days , it also emits playfulness and encouragement vibes. If you like this colour, then it says a lot about your personality , such as you are very attractive or pleasing person , who  has touch of innocence to their personality , you are very caring person and you are someone who gives friendly vibes. Peach colours are in trend for nail shades , its light shade , this shade is prefect for summers, it gives beautiful look to your hands (Peach Nails).

There are many ways to paint this colour, with different shapes of nails. Peach pallet has a wide range of shades, which gives a lot of options to you  from which you can choose, according to your taste and likings.

Matte: Peach Nails

Matte nails are nails which has a smooth finish but there’s no shiny element present , this type nails are very famous these days, women just love it , especially when its summer, durazno (in Spanish) shades are summer shades , and matte peach shade nails are kind of must for your summer season , this style of nails can go with any kind of occasion , regardless of formal or informal , you can definitely go for it .

French Tips: Peach Nails

French tip nails are also called French manicure nails, in which, white shade with pale shade like peach is used to create an elegant look of nails, this is widely like design and its very sleek nail manicure , emits very sophisticated vibe, neutral colours are always give professional vibe, this is prefect shade for workplace or professional place . It definitely accentuates your look , giving the soft glossy look to your hand .

Peach Nails
Class of Peach colour


Acrylic nails are for someone who is creative and wants dramatic look , then go for this type of nail manicure, peach acrylic manicure is used with faux nails to create long dramatic design , it is made with a powdery substance which is dipped into solvent which helps in lengthen the size of nails and it solidify and gives stronger base to your natural nails, then peach or other shades nail polish  are used on it with layer of glossy transparent polish to add glossy look to your nails.

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