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You might be the fan of summer nails and nail arts, as women like the bright nails which can make everyone’s eyes sparkle. Its quite fun when you switch your nail colour as soon as weather gets warmer and we used to mix some bright nails, in winters  we often use the red, blue and black or navy paints but now when it comes to summers or spring lets welcome the sparkling colours and shine this summers with these effervescent colours , you can also wear dark colours in winters and can wear bright colour in summers and make your summers cool and have a bold manicure.

As we know shining colour make us look warm and confident, These nails can also be a great move for the colder months and it all depends on the colour base youre using and I will be showing you the plenty of colours this season which you will be using this summers and use some specific colour or patterns or even the neon this summers

Top Bright Colours Are: Bright Nails

  • YELLOW – This colour is perfect for summer days which you spent outside and it is the happy colour.
  • NEON GREEN – This colour is perfect for summers and it is very refreshing colour.
  • BLUE – This colour is perfect for summers and it’s a watery colour.
  • PINK – It’s the feminine colour as its flirty and fun.

You can use these colours in the same side of the hands or you can mix them and make a good combination.

Bright Nails
Class of Bright Nails

Here are some bright colours as below mentioned!

Neon Pink Bright Nail: Bright Nails

This summer you can use this combinationof pink and neon as this is very colourfull and yet easy to do as this make you enjoy this summers , there are many modern shapes available on this colour combination and can try these cool nail arts (Bright Nails).

Floral Green Bright: Bright Nails

These nails are very simple as it has the flowers which convey the joy and lightness which these nails bring into your life. For more updates, visit:

Green Bright Nail

These nails have the bold nail ideas as it has pastel nail polishes , we can use a variety of colours which include the light green colour and purples , pinks and yellows also

When it comes to minimalist designs use these designs

Citric Simple Nails

These nails include the simple designs as it has the citric designs on the tips of the nails and it has the unique look for the summers and you can use as many as combos for the nail art

Beach Nails

These nails have the creativity and the imagination when it comes to the beach and you can choose the vibrant colours and look different these summers. these nails have different designs like flowers and polka dots which makes you stand out different, and for more fun you can use the fun ideas and drawings of fruits and sea animals designs which will make your nail art look better (Bright Nails).

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