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ABOUT THE BRAND: Johnnie Walker Blue

It is a very famous brand of scotch whiskey which comes in many sizes and labels / flavors – johnnie walker blue. This originated all the way from Scotland. The company which made it for the first time is known as John Walker & Sons Ltd. They are from Scotland too. Johnnie walker bottles also come in different levels of it’s quantities and differently colored labels on them. It’s labels include : Black, blue, double black, Gold, Green, Platinum, Red and Swing. It also has a cocktail which is called Red & Cola which is precisely the mix of re label and some cola.


From all the blendings offered by Jonnie Walker, this is the most premium blend you can find. The main goal of this blend to create the flavors and taste of some of the most earliest whisky bottles of the 19th century. Currently, no age statement is beard by this. Every bottle of the blue label is marked and it’s serial number is written on the silk lined box which has a certificate inside it, this certificate proves that it is authentic. All of this obviously comes at a price. It is one of the most expensive bottles of scotch whiskies in the alcohol market. It’s price range starts at US$174 and ends at $450. They have also released over 25 limited editions. It is said that only one in 10,000 casks are selected for this label. You can serve it as neat for it’s best flavor along with some ice cubes to enhance it’s flavor on the tongue. People who have tasted this give Godly reviews to this bottle, that it is like a velvet smooth taste on the tongue buds. The smell of this bottle is like Vanilla and honey.

HOW IS BLUE LABEL MADE?: Johnnie Walker Blue


Everything originates from the cereal what we also like to refer as the “grain.” Initially, these have high starch. But if we want to see them as alcohol, they must be converted into sugars which are soluble in nature. Malting is the process where hot water is added when the grain germinates, the hot water is added until they are ready for growing.


When it is ready for growing, the grain is dried in wooden barrels. Sometimes, to help the drying process, peat is added. This also helps the blend to attend a smoky flavor. After that it is ground in the mill.


By further mixing hot water with the cereal, the required sugars are now extracted. After the hot & sweet liquid is formed, it is separated and cooled. Now, they yeast is added and the fermentation begins.


Now the beer like liquid that we get is actually distilled 2 times to get more amount of alcohol and flavor. This is the process where it is boiled in a large container of copper.


Now they are transferred to different casks to be left to mature. It is left for 3 years. The barrels are very important, 50% of the flavor in the end comes from the barrels itself.

johnnie walker blue


There exists a $22,000 bottle of this label in the world

It is THE MOST WANTED scotch in the world

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