Paul Gascoigne Net Worth: Not A Great Investor

Paul Gascoigne is an English Football legend who blew up his staggering net worth. He was considered the most naturally talented footballer the English team has ever had. He was known for his dribbling ability and is considered as a Tottenham Hotspurs legend. Paul played for various teams throughout his career. He was nicknamed “Gazza”. He played as an attacking midfielder throughout his career. Paul Gascoigne was also a very important part of the English team throughout his England career and earned 57 caps for the national side scoring 10 goals.

Paul Gascoigne: Net Worth

The net Worth of Paul Paul Gascoigne is around $1 million. He earned a huge net worth in his playing days but blew it up for all the wrong reasons. He was very highly paid in his playing days. A report states that he blew up around $20 million of his net worth. He has mental and emotional problems in the latter part of his career. Alcoholism was one of the major problems he faced. Even he was divorced because of his alcohol issues and still leads a single life. He has always been in controversies. He was known for his goal celebrations. IP TV Gazza was very good while running with the ball. Even we can say that he was one of the best ever. He was one of the most entertaining players. Had it not been with his off-field actions, he could have become the world’s best player ever to play the game.

Paul Gascoigne Net Worth: Controversies

Post-retirement and in his later stages as a player, Gazza was struck hard by Alcoholism. He entered various rehab centres but could not give up on Alcohol. Paul has always been in the shadows of controversy. He also faced Bankruptcy in 2008 for having not filed any tax returns for 2 years. Gazza also has three autobiographies. He also had severe addictions to chain-smoking, cocaine and gambling etc. He has also been charged for various racist comments and also sexual harassment cases.

Paul Gascoigne Net Worth: Playing Style

Paul Gascoigne was a naturally gifted player and is regarded as England’s Best player. He had exceptional dribbling skills, physical strength and playmaking ability which made him a threat to the opposition.

Paul Gascoigne Net Worth
England legend Paul Gascoigne

He also had a very powerful striking ability and was also a very accurate free-kick taker. He completely loved the game.

Managerial Career

He started his managerial stint with Boston United for whom he had also played as a player. He also managed the Portuguese team Algarve United. Paul was then appointed as Kettering Town manager but his stint lasted only 39 days and he was dismissed because of his alcohol problems. He is regarded by many as the most gifted player of England. Paul possessed exceptional ability as a player. He had all in him to be the best but his addictions came in his way. He was always shadowed by controversies which also affected his image as a player and put him in a bad light. If we keep his controversies aside, It can be said that Paul Gascoigne was a great player and a Tottenham Spurs legend.

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