6 Benefits of Penetration Testing

The increasing number of cyber-attacks has made businesses susceptible to data theft, reduced organisational productivity, and loss of consumer trust. One of the most potent ways of preventing such attacks is by penetration testing. A penetration test is a form of security testing that offers organisations visibility to real-world security threats. When you conduct regular pen tests as a part of your organisation’s security check, you can find gaps in the IT security system and take steps for remediation before a hacker can exploit the vulnerabilities. 

Now that you know what a pen test is, you can use it to strengthen the security of your business and gain several benefits. To learn more about its benefits, read the following section.

  1. Enable authentic simulation

A penetration test provides an authentic simulation of everything a hacker might do to get into your system. It means you can see what an attacker can do in the real world. It could be executing operating system commands or accessing sensitive data. With such true-to-life testing, you can gain an idea about the strength of your security system and how you will combat it if a hacker attempts to enter your system.  

  1. Assess system strengths

A penetration test also highlights the areas of strengths for your business. When you know the strengths, you can put more effort and time into improving the areas of weaknesses. 

Pen tests will also help you evaluate whether the techniques you have implemented have shown satisfactory results. As you know what techniques work, you can utilise them on other systems in the future.

  1. Expose vulnerabilities

Penetration testing can be the most effective means of detecting potential vulnerabilities in your system. It could be anything related to your in-house services, tech system, or a cloud database you are working on.

When the vulnerabilities are exposed, you can find ways to ensure the best possible security for your system. This means that when you don’t check for vulnerable areas in the design system, your business is exposed to the threats of infiltration.  

  1. Mature security posture

When you conduct pen tests at regular intervals, you are increasing the maturity of the security posture in the company’s business environment. It can be a great way to achieve a competitive edge in the industry. 

When you carry out pen tests regularly, you demonstrate the importance of compliance and security for your business. It also shows your intent to strive continuously to achieve optimum protection. 

  1. Ensure business continuity

Maintaining business continuity is the topmost priority for any successful organisation. Security loopholes can be a primary reason for disrupting the business continuity.

Systems lacking adequate security are susceptible to data breaches. When you schedule penetration tests regularly, you can stay at the top of your security game and prevent disruption in business, financial loss, and negative customer perception. 

  1. Strengthen customer loyalty

IT penetration testing can help you develop a sense of trust between your company and customers. When you put out the positive results of the pen tests, the customers are assured about the safety of their personal information. If the results are negative, you can provide updates as you resolve the issues, which will create a sense of trust among your customers which will lead to increased customer loyalty. 

There are chances of your business falling prey to cyberattacks in the future. So, it’s best to be equipped adequately to avert the attacks and safeguard your business. By carrying out pen tests, the organisational system and employees can work in perfect alignment, boosting employee morale and overall productivity. Moreover, you will also be able to provide more efficient customer service and increase customer loyalty and retention.

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