Streamline Your Online Running Experience with Vingo

If you are a fan of online running with the Vingo app, then you will agree when we say it is the best possible thing that’s happened in the fitness world. The app has transformed work-outs into adventures and made them more fun. Every day thousands of new people join the app’s virtual world. But most of them aren’t fully aware of the various functionalities of the app. Here we explain its diverse set of features and how you can use it to its best.

Install Vingo & Connect Your Treadmill

The first thing is obvious. You will need to install the app on your smart phone and connect it with your treadmill. You could have done that already too. What you wouldn’t know is that you can use the app even on your old treadmills without Bluetooth connectivity. you can manually enter your speed in the app and run on your old treadmill. The app will work just the same.

Choose Your Favourite Outdoors & Run

Inside the app, you will find a lot of virtual locations preloaded as maps/routes. These locations are designed from famous spots around the world. You can project them on your phone’s screen and place the device before you when you start indoor running. The app will detect your movements and adjust the scenery around you accordingly. You can jump between the various locations every day and never get bored of treadmill running again.

Meet New People & Make Friends in the Virtual Arena

Inside the virtual locations you will see a lot of people running and jogging beside you. These people are sharing your virtual space and they can be from anywhere in the world. The best part is that you can talk to them via the app’s voice chat function. You can interact with all the runners and make new friends in the virtual space. You can also create your own community with your new friends and create a virtual hang-out centre inside the app.

Share Progress on Social Media Accounts

The online running app can also be connected to social media accounts too. You can login into your Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and even your YouTube channels directly from the app. You can share your everyday progress to your followers too. Many fitness influencers use Vingo as a great way to gain followers. They also bring in their followers into the app and have private work-out sessions inside the virtual world.

Stay Positive and Enjoy the Improvements You Make

The app is transforming the lives of many and radicalising the fitness world. You, like many others will find it very helpful in your journey towards fitness. All you have to do from now on is to keep up your schedule and work-out every day. The app also receives regular updates on maps, and features. Stay up to date and enjoy all its latest features. You can also use Vingo as a biking app by connecting it with your training bike. Streamline the whole exercise process with the Vingo app.