the Firetruck Game: a totally abusive gam


The Fire Truck game can be identified as a black-and-white in the year name of the 1978 arcade game, however nowadays it’s a completely different gameplay.

The Firetruck game normally consists of a woman and a man. The man goes to ask the woman whether he can play with her the “firetruck game,” where he eventually continues to touch her body through sensual means until she says “stop.”

The worst portion of the game occurs when the female says “red light,” the man needs to say: “fire trucks don’t stop at red lights’ ‘ and constantly go on touching her without any sort of consent or permission from her.


‘Fire Truck’ is identified to be a way too risky game in terms of sexual Assault. It is surfed just between two individuals relating to the opposite sex. One individual inputs his/her hand on the other person’s inner thigh and commences it motioning on upwards slowly. The individual doing this is only just too stop when the other individual says ‘Red Light  .’But when the female partner of the game says Red Light, the male partner does not stop on the excuse adressing, “Fire Trucks do not stop on the red light .”It is claimed as a much worst and a dangerous game as it is utilised as an excuse or means for ‘Sexual assault’.


Post the incident of  devastating murder of Sarah Everard in the origins of the United Kingdom, Many female  have now started to speak up about their struggles on the means of social networks and regularly and on a constant basis .One of them is termed or named as ‘Sexual Harassment. Multiple females suffering alone do not have the courage to stand up for what’s wrong, but when they come together and show up or present an United bond, they give strength to all those female individuals who are or were unable to do the same. 

In the same fashion, many women have identified Fire Truck Game as in the form of a cunning trick for the purpose of or the act of Assault. Who is urging society not to play or operate for such games, and below is the reason factor.

Prior to such, The Fire Truck Game utilised to be considered as a form of a black and white Arcade game back in the particular year of the 1970s reign. But nowadays, it possesses a traversed rule and purpose.

Typically individuals belonging to opposite genders play it. It commences with a question when a man goes to seek the query of the woman ‘whether he can enjoy The related game of Fire Truck Gameplay with her?’ Much later, he starts by touching her body until she utters the word of, ‘STOP.’ 

The worst division  comes to play at the moment when the individual of this game, that is the lady, asks the man to stop or says ‘Red Light  .’The man just comments, ‘Fire Trucks don’t stop at Red Lights’ and keeps on constantly touching her without consent and permission. All of this are the points to the Sexual Assault relating to or concerning  woman.


We can now understand that you should not play such games, not encourage and entertain such nuisance.This article is written to inform people regarding the problems this game can cause. It is not considered as a game following the genre of much fun and cheerful games. On the negative side, it is in the form of  a ‘Questionnaire of Sexual Harassment. In order to follow the trend, much less aged individuals play this game, exploiting their minds. For the purpose of this sole reason, ‘Fire Truck Game’ should not typically be played without any sort of consent or permission.

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