Strategies When Dealing With Unpredictable Players in Online Poker

No matter how much you work to improve your online poker abilities, poker will never be predictable. Of course, this is a significant part of why the game is so popular and has thousands of players.

As many poker players know, the game is about much more than the cards you’re dealt and the unpredictability of this game component. It also depends on your ability to read people and adapt your strategy against these opponents.

The good news is that most novice and intermediate players play their cards so that their opponents can identify their “tells.” But what happens when you’re confronted with a player that’s aggressive, wild, and unexpected? Of course, this will endanger your poker hand.

Learning how to play against wild and unpredictable poker players is one of the most challenging aspects of the game, especially if you play online.

You’ve probably seen them before. These players pursue every draw and make outrageous bluffs with nothing. It may be exasperating to find out what their next move can be.

However, there are correct and incorrect approaches to playing against these opponents. The first thing you must learn is patience.

Tips in Dealing With Unpredictable Players

Learn How to Spot Them.

When you play poker online, there’s a distinction between an experienced player who modifies their strategy. Hence, they make it difficult to pin down how they make their decisions.

A player who goes headfirst into the game without pausing to study their cards or assess their odds plays extremely loose, seldom folds, and doesn’t blink while making numerous wild bluffs with nothing to back it up.

Unfortunately, these irresponsible actions frequently lead to the player getting the best of their opponents, who are all urgently attempting to figure out a pattern in their conduct. The fact is that there isn’t always a pattern to be found. They apply their unpredictable techniques to poker tournaments or casual games on poker sites.

Plan an Effective Way to Defeat an Unpredictable/wild Player

First and foremost, you must avoid being thrown off by a careless opponent. Keep your head in the game, be patient, and accept that you will never “figure them out.” All you can do is play your hand to the best of your abilities.

Many poker experts believe that while playing against a very loose gambler, you should employ a strategy that is opposed to theirs. Play things tight and only play hands that you are reasonably convinced will give you a position to improve your skills.

They are throwing caution to the wind and playing unexpectedly and carelessly, which can only result in an ego clash. With both players forgetting to use their poker abilities and trusting in the chance of the draw to beat out one another, it will result in you losing in online poker real money games if you have no plan.

Balancing The Game

If you’ve ever faced an unpredictable player at the poker table, you’ll understand how frustrating the experience can be. As a result, you’ll probably want to take steps to guarantee that your playing style isn’t perceived in the same manner in the future.

The solution is straightforward: always consider before acting! Remember this rule of thumb:

  • Changing your continuation bets and increasing range.
  • Not making the same decisions too quickly or slowly (for example, raising when given excellent hands).
  • Not raising the exact amount, depending on your hand strength.
  • Barreling from a greater distance.
  • Improving Your Poker Skills

Improving your poker abilities is the best method to modify your strategy effectively. Fortunately, there are several possibilities to do so and increase your chances of improving your skills.

Playing poker games online makes you want to put in as much practice time as possible. If your bankroll is restricted, strike a balance between playing online poker for money and casual games with friends and family.

Along with playing Texas Holdem poker online or other games for practice, you may consider hiring a poker coach, enrolling in a poker school, and reading poker books.

It’s also a good idea to employ the many learning resources available, such as poker analysis software, because some websites do not allow Real-Time Assistance (RTA) tools when participating in tournaments.

Don’t be Intimidated.

It is an excellent approach for playing against these players. Typically, unpredictable players will bluff and re-raise weak players; if this occurs to you, be calm and re-raise or bluff whenever you have the opportunity. Follow as much poker advice as you can online and apply them to grasp the game better.

Understand When to Give Up

While it’s likely that those who are often playing huge hands have bad cards, that doesn’t imply you should call with a bad hand. It would help if you first considered your chances with your hand, followed by the actions of other players. After that, you may choose which strategy to employ against unpredictable individuals.


Determining your opponents’ tendencies is the most significant aspect of the game that can help you improve in poker. Aside from the aggressive players, others skip paying for the round if they do not have excellent cards. As a result, be more careful when they begin to raise the stakes. Although they are unpredictable in their moves, you can always find a way to counteract their strategies by practicing your techniques and skills to adapt to them.

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