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9 ways to promote your Valentine’s Day brunch

Finally, the day is coming when people will ditch family gatherings to be with their special ones. Valor would take over, boundaries will break, and love will find its way. Yes, I am talking about Valentine’s Day! And to make all of these wishes come true—people will look for a perfect place for their dream date. 

Hence as a restaurant owner, there is no time to wait. Take responsibility, make their date remarkable, and win people over with your exclusive restaurant experience. For this reason, this article presents you with a master class on how to market your Valentine’s Day brunch. Through them, you can stand out among other restaurants in the city and make this day noteworthy for yourself.

Creative outreach

Use online platforms to get templates of Valentines flyers. You can use them to create advertisements, flyers, posters, and social media posts. Get creative with your marketing style. 

Add all the details, from the theme, menu, and photo booth, to discounts. Choose the right template and color code to deliver your message to every house, shop, and street and actively promote your brunch. 

Active marketing is a conventional method to promote any offer. It can either be done by sending out flyers, putting up posters, writing social media posts, or by creative advertisement. Creative ads are expensive to create but have the most target audience compared to other promotion strategies.

The Valentine’s Day special menu

According to statistics, 82% of diners would rather have an experience than receive a gift from their significant other. Therefore, you must focus on building a Valentine’s Day menu that delights customers. 

For this occasion, many prefer themed desserts like strawberry cheesecake or Valentine’s cookies. Other than this, to keep things within budget, you can also make things already present on your menu to be presented in Valentine’s theme. For example, serving shrimp arranged in a heart shape or replacing regular tortillas with pink tortillas for tacos.

Another approach to jazz up your menu is getting creative with the names of the dishes already present. Such as renaming each course of the menu—appetizer, main course, and dessert with phases of relationship: First glance, Courtship, and Sweet Surrender.

Live music

Live music is enjoyed by both the younger and older generation as it instantly triggers emotions. On this romantic noon, call your local neighborhood band or singer to come and perform for Valentine’s Day. It will engage friends and family members to become your guests. Plus, it would help your restaurant to boost its image by promoting local talent.

You can also keep an open mic for those who want to sing for their significant others and say a few words. It would surely make the brunch more romantic.

Arrange a photo booth

On this romantic brunch, couples would love to make memories and capture them. Arranging a photo booth would become an eye-catcher, especially for younger couples who cannot spend a special occasion without taking pictures. 

Furthermore, photo booth pictures have come again in the recent Instagram trend that is becoming more popular amongst gen-z. Keep props in your photo booth and ask the couple to post the picture on their social media accounts tagging your restaurant. It would help in your restaurant promotion.

K-drama themed party

Rather than hosting a monotonous red-white-themed brunch, go for a K-drama-themed brunch party. Since Korean dramas are famous for their romantic genre and over-the-top lead pair chemistry—you can host a brunch themed on popular k-dramas.

Ask the customers to represent their favorite K-drama couple and decorate your restaurant according to the theme. It would be a distinct aspect for people to choose your restaurant over others.

Online reservation system

Holidays and occasions result in fully-booked restaurants and long waiting lines that tire the customers and eventually make them dine at home. To save the fuss, allow pre-booking and reservation system on your website to ensure each couple a spot at your place and liberate everyone from the hustle.

Email invites

Send your old customers email invites personalized according to their liking. Offer them an extra 14% discount as a sign of gratefulness and trusting your restaurant. You can also offer them early access and the best spots at the restaurant.

Partner up with local brands

Join hands with your local chocolatier and florist to set up a bar at your brunch and sell their chocolates, candies, and flowers at lower prices. Also, give a flower and chocolate as a complimentary gift to your customers.

Social media marketing

Reach out to social media influencers and collaborate with them to promote your brunch in Instagram reels, posts, and hashtags. Reels are the latest trend these days. An average Instagram user spends about 30 minutes on reels. Thus it is quite a tool for marketing effectively amongst the younger generation.

Use love season to increase your restaurant’s income and serve couples the most romantic and memorable feast of their relationship. And with uniqueness in mind, stand apart from other restaurants on this loving occasion.