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Six Reasons Why Dry Gin Is The Perfect Drink For You

Raise your G&T and toast to good spirits and greater fortunes. Carefully drawn from aromatic juniper berries, dry gin makes for a great glass of the classic gin & tonic or a ravishing gin martini.

Whatever be the drink, dry gin is more of a rich experience and a traditional benchmark for the gin of exemplar quality than an alcoholic spirit.

Here’s Why Gin Is the Right Choice

What many do not know is that while gin makes for a great toast, it also makes for good health and a happy spirit.

Here is a closer look at the lesser-known benefits of gin and why switching to the drink may be the best decision you have ever made.

An Uncommon Cure to the Common Cold

A lesser-known fact about dry gin is its healing powers that soothe itchy coughs and uncontrollable sneezes, especially around the summertime when the flu virus tends to linger in the air.

Although it is not the cure itself, drinking gin on unbearably hot nights amidst the flu is not a bad idea.

Worry Less About the Calories

In pursuit of losing weight, you are often told to cut down on alcohol. While that may be true, that rule does not include gin.

Dry gin is low in calories, unlike most alcoholic spirits, allowing you to bust your guns in the gym and treat yourself to a couple of shots of gin right after, a mere 97 calories—but who’s counting! 

Another known fact is that juniper berries are good facilitators of digestion. While beer gives you a rather large belly, dry gin does the opposite by giving you a flat stomach.

The Diabetic’s Choice

Dry gin alone has zero added sugar and zero carbs, making the drink a perfect choice when you are trying to keep your sugar and weight levels in check.

That being said, mixing your gin in a mocktail is an entirely different conversation.

The Face of an Angel

As it is made with juniper berries that are pumped with nourishing antioxidants, drinking dry gin every once in a while can keep you looking fresh and youthful with healthy, glowing skin.

So not only does gin make you feel young, but it also keeps you looking young.

A Doctor’s Ally

It is an age-old belief that juniper berries in dry gin hold properties that ease the pains of arthritis and rheumatism in the legs. Are you to argue with the beliefs of your ancestors or pay your respects by honouring them wholly and completely?

Cheers to those who came before you and your pitiful joints without which your toast would cease to exist.

An Elixir of Life

Studies have proven that regular consumption of dry gin helps reduce the chances of heart disease, cataracts in the eye, and liver disease, to name a few. That makes gin the cure to mortality, or perhaps simply a drink to keep your mind at ease.

Either way, gin is the perfect toast to good health and long life.

A Great Addition to Your Cellar

A tonic for some on hot summer nights, dry gin has been a close friend and a source of refuge to many. Unlike its contemporaries, gin stands out in its integrity and nobility, making your alcohol cabinet at home more inviting. You can never go wrong with a bottle of alcohol’s finest.

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