Xbox Live Gold Membership Has Been Extended 

Instead of offering unlimited access to multiplayer online casino high roller sites, Xbox now offers memberships that allow them to play certain titles at discounted prices. These benefits include exclusive discounts on new releases, early access to special events, and free game trials. The announcement was met with criticism from gamers who felt that they should not be penalized for being loyal customers.

Microsoft Switching it Up

The first major change to the membership plan came when Microsoft began charging a fee to renew existing subscriptions. This policy would apply to all existing subscribers regardless of their current payment status. In addition to this change, Microsoft introduced an option to purchase individual games for $60 each without having to subscribe to Xbox Live. For existing subscribers, this meant they could continue to play games at full price until they chose to upgrade to the higher tier membership.

Alternate Purchases

For those who did not choose to purchase these titles outright, however, it required them to pay any remaining balance due for existing games or face having those games permanently removed from their accounts. Those who had already paid for these games were notified by email about the changes.

Xbox One X Enhanced Games

To further address concerns over the cost of upgrades, Microsoft announced plans to offer enhanced versions of popular games as well as add-ons designed specifically for the Xbox One X console. Titles like Halo Wars 2, Fallout 4, Watch Dogs 2, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will receive graphical overhauls designed to take advantage of the console’s increased power. 

Membership Price Increases

The other major change made to Xbox Live is the increase in monthly membership fees. After several years of providing no cost options, Xbox Live Gold has been upped to $49.99 per month. While this move has been criticized by some fans, Microsoft points out that the additional charges are only applicable to users who are currently subscribed to the service.


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