Which course is best for Mass Communication in India? Top skills required to pursue Mass Communication course

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for arts and humanities courses like mass communication among the student population. While many opt for engineering or medicine after school, a large number of the student fraternity choose mass communication and literature courses to build a career in the creative industry.

A mass communication course from a reputed university will let you bag job roles that are lucrative and stable. You only need certain skills to start your journey in the creative field most of which are inculcated in you from your early days. 

Let’s explore the various mass communication courses and the skills you need to crack the admission procedure.

Which is the best mass communication course in India?

As mass communication is a vast and diverse field, there are several courses you can pursue to build a career. For example, you can choose public relations, marketing and advertising, event management, journalism, broadcasting, etc. to start your career in the mass communication industry. But the best choice available for students is to pursue a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication.

A degree in journalism and mass communication is the most popular choice among students looking to enter the industry. This course is structured in such a way that it gives you an idea of the new-age media landscape and helps develop your skills. It also provides you with practical exposure through various seminars, presentations, fieldwork, and internships to prepare you for the challenges of the job market.

What are the skills required to join a mass communication course?

Unlike engineering and medicine which have structured and systematic entrance tests to select candidates, having the right skills and knowledge can let you pursue a mass communication course. Some of the skills you need to work in the media industry are communication, networking, critical thinking, problem-solving, research ability, and time management.

Communication and networking are the primary skills that you need to establish a career in the media industry. Knowing how to talk to people and build connections can also help your career growth to a large extent. Also, if you love working as a journalist or reporter, critical thinking and research skills are a significant part of your job. You must research well on topics before presenting some news or writing an article. 

Journalism and mass communication will nourish these skills of yours and add whatever is necessary to build a stable career. Having these skills with basic knowledge and language skills can help you soar high in your career. 

What are the career opportunities in mass communication?

You can choose to work in any field of your choice after graduation. Journalist, reporter, editor, public relations officer, marketing specialist, advertising director, copywriter, proof-reader, etc. are some of the popular job roles that students choose. A freelance journalist is also a very lucrative option these days.

So, enrol in a journalism and mass communication course as the first step to your dream career. 

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