Tea Party Attire: Ideas, Looks, Creative

What are tea parties?: Tea party attire 

Tea parties are sort of social gatherings conventionally held in the afternoon where tea, sandwiches, cakes, and other light refreshments are served. Parties with tea were in older days considered for formal meet ups like business meetings or social celebrations or even just as an afternoon refreshment. Traditionally, in a tea party, loose tea leaves were provided in a kettle or a tea pot along with milk and sugar, people in the gathering interacted and enjoyed conversations whilst making tea for themselves. Along with yea, a variety of food including finger sandwiches, pastries, scones, cakes and biscuits were served alongside tea in an organised and tiered arrangement.

Tea party attire
Best of Tea party attire

Food in these parties was served according to a particular season. People in general tend to be consuming solid foods in winter and lighter food like fruits and berries during the summer and the spring season. Formal tea parties were usually characterised by the use of prestigious utensils, like silver. Tables were diligently set with napkins and matching cups and saucers. The tea set also includes the tea cups, saucers, tea pot, stirrers, milk jug, creamer jug and sugar pitcher.

Evolution of the tradition: Tea party attire 

In the olden days, afternoon tea parties were quite regularly hosted. Whereas, in the contemporary world tea parties are slowly transitioning as social gathering events in high end tea restaurants where tea / beverages and food items are presented in a traditional manner. The modern day tea party also witnesses the emergence of some tea party activities like tea- cup treasure hunt, tea leaf Pictionary, tea tray memory game, tea pot relay race and similar other games and engaging activities. Although these parties are still subject to elegant celebrations with etiquette and attire.

Tea party attire

Tea party attire range from smart casual to casual. The kind of outfit isn’t strictly specific, thus the host generally informs what he/she expects from the attendants. Generally, the hosts also ask for formal or business casual attires. 

For tea parties, before knowing what can one wear it is important to take note of what can one not wear. 

Absolute ‘No’ to a tea party

  • sneakers
  • T shirts 
  • Shorts
  • Sportswear
  • The colour black 

For women

The tea party outfits ain’t much revealing, they consist of long or maxi dresses generally. The bodice should be high enough to look decent. Floral, tropical, fun prints in pastel shades like light pink, yellows, blues, mauve and sage green. These outfits can have romanticising long skirts with light shaded and printed tops. Garden looks are perfect for tea parties, even the indoor tea parties. The whole idea is to be comfortable in the dress and enjoy a fine experience, though fancy dresses can be comfortable too. This could be the occasion to wear a fancy dress too. The strapless dress are more than welcome but it is preferred to pair the dress with a cardigan and low heels. Dress pants are actual appropriate.

For men

Polo t shirts or simple shirts with a pair of clean trousers are apt for tea parties. Even sport jackets, buttoned cardigans and clean look jeans are good to go for tea parties.

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