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The Smokable Lemon OG Flower with delicious flavor

Lemon OG is one of the most stunning greens, a greenhouse-grown CBD flower variety that does what it says unlike any other. A hybrid of 60/40 Sativa Its genetics originate from the cross between CBD OG Kush #5 and California Sunrise makes it recognizable even in a smell-blind test. Although it’s not marijuana, this beautiful premium hemp flower is a lot like the marijuana-related counterpart that bears the same name in nearly all ways, except for the number of cannabinoids in it.

One of the Colorado Breeders Depot’s most famous greenhouse varieties, Lemon OG offers indoor quality in large quantities. The genes are so strong and robust that growers can cultivate this sweet, lemony hemp flower outside and still achieve the connoisseur indoor quality that customers can expect to receive at Colorado Breeders Depot.

What Do Lemon OG Look and Smell?

It is easily one of the most distinctive Terpene profiles of premium high-CBD hemp, Lemon OG stands out from the crowd. It is because at a certain distance the strong scent of zested lemons is evident from its huge buds.

The growing of flowers in the greenhouse technique will allow the plants to get larger due to the constant sun which is a great benefit. Lemon OG takes this bonus photosynthesis to the next level by creating massive resin-thick buds that are dense with trichomes. There’s a smaller amount of hair on this particular strain and the time to cure combined with the greenhouse light exposure makes this bud extremely difficult to separate and you’ll have to accomplish it due to the huge the buds can get. You Know what dinosaur has 500 teeth.

The scent is one of the most striking aspects that is part of the lemon OG design. It is among the highest concentrations of limonene that Colorado Breeders Company grows. It’s like standing under an orange tree. Then comes a strong Kush scent that wraps the citrusy notes to create an extremely appealing terpene flavor that is also smoke.

Potency and Effect

Lemon OG is a powerhouse that boasts just under 18% CBD total and just under 1% of the other cannabinoids. One of the most potent strains available from Colorado Breeders Depot, the CBD content is due to sunlight from nature and well-rounded, refined genetics. Like it thrives under light, so will you be able to brighten your day by consuming this hefty teaspoon of energy and mood-boosting impact.

Ideal for the first thing early in the day, lemon OG’s limonene profile is as stimulating as you can get and is a great CBD hemp flower. A cannabis plant that is Sativa that is free of paranoia and racing thoughts Lemon OG is the perfect fuel for your body to get up and running. For more information, click on gabriel kuhn and daniel patry that would be the right place for you.

What is Lemon OG Therapeutically or Beneficial to my health?

The high CBD levels can slash anxiety and pains, which allows users to go through the day through their body’s endocannabinoid system filled with clean-burning energy. The refreshing citrus flavor is present throughout the entire smoke, from the first inhale until the last, burning smoothly and evenly with a light grey ash and low-smoke inhale, thanks to the expertise of curing techniques. For more updates, visit:

It’s a premium greenhouse hemp flower that any enthusiast of citrus and zesty CBD will not want to miss. It is possible to find tests from a third-party lab and full Cannabinoid Profiles for all of our hemp flower varieties through our website.

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