Polo shirt

An option for a pocket may be found on various shirts, including the classic Polo, the tennis shirt, the golf shirt, the chukker shirt. In India, polo players began wearing short-sleeved shirts, adopting the style in the United Kingdom. A piqué knit is the most frequent type of knit used to make polo shirts; however, other fibers such as silk, wool, and synthetics can also be used, as can combinations of natural and synthetic fibers.

The womens polo shirt has developed from a sport-specific garment to a shirt that may be worn for various events. The polo shirt is, of course, still worn in polo. There are polo clubs worldwide, as well as professional competitions where participants wear polo shirts. Many other sports, like tennis,  and American soccer, also employ the polo shirt. However,  golf clubs have a dress code that requires players to be wearing polo shirts to play.

Polo shirts are also required at many schools and businesses, in addition to golf courses. Although school uniforms have existed for a while, several educational institutions are now  choosing polos instead of button-up shirts as their uniform choice.


  • Depending on your preference, it’s possible to have both company-branded and non-company-branded polo shirts for the workplace. Food outlets to retail establishments, polo shirts bearing the company’s emblem are standard attire for employees.
  • They may be used as practical marketing tools, as a result. Promo goods are items that feature the name of a firm and are given out as a form of marketing. one can use tangible things such as womens polo shirts and jackets to promote. A company’s logo can be shown conspicuously on the body when wearing a polo shirt as a promotional item.
  •  In addition, because the product is on a shirt, it is more transportable, allowing for greater brand exposure and recognition. For this reason, many small firms choose to have their logo printed on polo shirts and give them away at trade exhibitions or to their staff.
  • For its adaptability and the wide range of styles available, polo shirts may be worn on almost any occasion. On the other hand, polo shirts are required attire in several places, including the workplace and school. In addition, polo shirts can be used for clothing and promotional purposes.


  • THINK LIGHT AND WEAR A WHITE POLO SHIRT.To begin, the color of your Polo can completely transform the look of your ensemble.If you’re looking for a softer and more feminine atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with pastels like pink, white, cream, and beige.
  • To emphasize the body shape, wear a fitted polo.Second, show off your feminine curves by donning a fitted polo rather than a loose one.
  • DO NOT IGNORE THE FABRIC’S DETAILS. There are a large number of polo shirts made of cotton and various synthetic fibers.When the weather is cold, it’s great to wear a ribbed knit polo shirt. This fabric keeps you warm and has a silky and refined appearance.During the summer, silk polo shirts are a stylish option as well.
  • CONFIGURE YOUR POLO WITH ACCESSORIES. Make your polo shirt seem even better by accessorizing it with some adorable pieces of clothing.
  • EMBRACE THE  SHIRT FORM. find the right fit for your body shape and size. Know what to wear.

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