How Can an Employer Help in the Alcohol Detox of an Employee?

If you are running an organization and you find your employees’ productivity decreasing due to their drug addictions, you might think firing them could be the best solution. But, many companies have realized that such a move costs the company a lot. Hiring new employees and training them will be an unwanted expenditure. It will be higher than the cost you can spend for an alcohol detox for your employee. This way you can save the person from addiction and gain their loyalty for life.

Employer Can Pay for Counseling Sessions

If you find any of your employees facing alcohol addiction, you can talk to them about their addictions decreasing their performance. You know they are good with work and the best thing you can do is convince them to attend therapies and counseling sessions. Many organizations have included drug recovery in their employee’s medical allowances and you can include them in your payslips too. You can encourage your employees to save up a part of their salaries towards detox treatments, or even pay for them on their behalf. Either way, you are saving a good employee from leaving your workforce.

You Can Also Refer Employees for Detox Treatments

There are a lot of drug detox clinics that have started partnering with multi-national companies and organizations to provide detox for their employees. You can team up with one of those centers and conduct special camps for your branches. You can also refer your people to these centers and help them complete their detox. A good detox will help them set their lives straight and start over again. Your workers will come back to you fully charged again.

Provide a Space for the Conduction of Support Groups

Another way you can help your employees suffering from addictions is by conducting support groups in the company. You can assign a specific time during the week and invite people to attend them. People will be willing to participate in them if you, the management, are willing to make the first move. You can also reassign their works beforehand and make it comfortable for the employees to attend the support groups.

You can also organize lectures on detox for drug addictions, hospital meetings, and more to bring in awareness about recovery treatments to your employees.

Assist in Family Support During Detox Period

Finally, you can assist your employees’ families during their treatment period in the detox center. This includes paid leaves, emoluments for willing participation in detox programs, and so on. When your employees feel their family won’t suffer because of their addictions, they will definitely participate in recovery programs.

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