Everything You Need to Know About Crazy Time Casino Game

Crazy Time is a quite popular casino game, as it’s full of entertainment. It’s a live game packed with action, betting possibilities and a large number of possible multipliers.

Everything resembles a live television show with a special edition here: the player is part of the action. Your luck will be what defines the outcome of your game once you spin the wheel, leaving very little to your skill.

Crazy Time is not a complicated game and the host guides and encourages you during the process. Also, if you have ever played Monopoly Live or Dream Catcher, it will be familiar to you because it is quite similar in game dynamics.

How to play Crazy Time

To play Crazy Time casino game, the first thing you need to do is enter an online casino and open an account there. Once this is done, you are ready to start having fun. The first step once inside the game is to make your bet (you can make up to 8 different types of bets).

Then the wheel is spinned. It has 54 sections, among which those 8 bets are divided. Most of the sections have numbers and only one includes a Crazy Time.

In each round a random multiplier defines one of the bets and if the wheel stops on a section containing that bet, the multiplier is activated. If you bet on a number and the wheel stops on it, you win. The same happens if it stops on a bonus you have wagered on.

Crazy Time game strategy

Crazy Time casino game has a lot of adrenaline and that is mainly due to the fact that fortune plays an essential role. There are no possible strategies here, as the outcome of each round will depend on where the wheel stops.

The only thing you can intervene in is deciding the amount and type of your bets, which will impact the amount of your winnings and losses. There is not much else that depends on you. Are you lucky? Maybe it’s time for you to try it.

Chances of winning at Crazy Time

What is RTP when we talk about gaming? It’s the return of the player. This refers to how likely the player is to get back the money he invests in the game.

In the case of Crazy Time, the RTP is 96.08%, which places it within the average for this type of game. However, you have to take into consideration that its volatility is very high, as is the case with any other development that contains a wheel of fortune.

It is important that you know that for every 6 chances to win a bonus round, you will win 1. The game has high doses of adrenaline. Although the chances of winning are not great, the prizes can be very high and this makes it a really exciting adventure.

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