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Essential Pool Equipment You Must Buy

Do you own a pool? Or did you just build a new one in your backyard? Whatever the case is, now you need to visit the pool shop immediately. You have to do all the cleaning, fittings and installations before you call your friends and family for a weekend poolside BBQ. As a pool owner, you must take care of the pool, its cleanliness, hygiene, and maintenance. 

A new pool owner might not be familiar with the necessary pool equipment that they should have. Yes, you must possess some pool equipment for decor and utility. And don’t forget about the pieces of cleaning equipment, which are necessary once you start using the pool. 

The article will list the necessary equipment to help you clean and prepare your pool for the party and make it ready for use.

Essential pool equipment for pool owners:

Telescopic pole

Some people call this equipment the Swiss army knife of pool equipment. You must be wondering why. It’s because of the ability of the equipment to perform multiple duties. This pole can be used for brushing the pool’s floor/walls, vacuuming (attached pump), skimming, and many more works.

If you want a multipurpose telescopic pole, buy the one with thick tubing and heavy-duty aluminium—a 16 feet long pole is of the ideal size.

Skimmer net attachment

If your surroundings are filled with plants and trees, it’s a great thing but not so great for your pool. A skimmer net is a common piece of equipment in the pool shop, which can easily remove all the leaves and twigs floating in the pool. It is easy to scoop all the leaves with the skimmer net attached to the telescopic pole (multipurpose pole).

Pool brush attachment

Algae and dirt are a familiar scene in pools, and to remove them properly, you need a strong and long brush. Get a pool brush that can clean all types of pool floors/walls. The following are the proper brushes for different floors:

  • Fibreglass, vinyl & painted concrete- any nylon brush will do
  • Guite pool- stainless steel brush
  • Concrete pool- stainless steel & nylon brush

Vacuum machine

The pool vacuum has four major parts:

  • Vacuum head
  • Vacuum hose
  • Telescopic pole (told you it’s useful)
  • Motor

Here, the vacuum head does most of the work, and you can pass it over the floor quickly with the help of the telescopic pole. 

Pool filter

You must have seen this equipment in the pool shop. A filter is always necessary for whatever type or size of pool you have. It helps remove debris, dirt, and other contaminants from the pool, and it will keep the water clean and safe to swim.

You can choose from these types:

  • Sand filters
  • DE filters
  • Cartridge filters

Pool pump

If anyone asks what’s the heart of your swimming pool, tell them it’s the pool pump. It does not just fill the pool with water; it can circulate it all the time to keep the pool free from dirt/algae and other pollutants. You can leave the pump on overnight if you want, and it will keep the water fresh and clean in the morning.

Though these pieces of equipment are enough for your new pool, if you still need to make the pool better, you can buy the following things too:

  • Pool Filter Media
  • Pool Heater
  • Chemicals (Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Algaecide, Metal Sequestrate)
  • Caulk
  • Chemical Feeder
  • Automatic Pool Cleaner

These are the necessary pool equipment a new pool owner must buy.

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