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Decks, Patios and Yards – Which Pergola Design and Size to Choose for Each.

So, you decided to get a pergola for your outdoor area. But, you can’t decide on the size and design which will suit your yard the best. 

Since there are various options available, it’s evident for you to find the decision-making challenging. After all, adding pergolas Brisbane is a sure shot way to enhance the curb appeal of your house. 

Your mind is troubled with too many questions without answers, is it?

Take a deep breath.

Whether it’s the hot weather in Brisbane or the usability dilemma, you will find your answers today.

Which Size Suits Decks, Patios and Yards the Best?

A Pergola is not merely a means to enhance the aesthetics of your house. The correct size and design will increase the curb appeal and the future selling prospects of your house in Brisbane. 

Here’s how to choose the design that fits your verandah like a glove!

  1. For Your Decks

Small Outdoor Area

If your house has a small or medium-sized deck, you will want to keep the open look of the area intact. For ensuring the same, you can choose a pergola that measures around 12×16 feet. The structure brings respite from the scorching heat in Brisbane, but it also keeps the extra space empty. 

You can add furniture and outdoor accessories to your deck to give it an ‘ace’ appeal.

Huge Decks

Does your house flaunt an enormous outdoor space for guests to chill around?

The large decks impress the guests and residents alike because of their multifunctionality. You can relax after the sun relieves you from its heat during the evening. Besides, you can even arrange a get together in your own home. 

To keep the area cozy and your guests comfortable, a pergola shed of 16×24 feet will be suitable. With such a sprawling covered space, you can even install a grill counter for an upscale feel. 

  1. For Your Patios

A patio is a bridge between your lawn and the house. Your small area can even become more functional with a shade amplifying the beauty. 

Usually, a 12×12 feet pergola is suitable for a small patio. However, you can even alter the size if you don’t want to leave the outdoor space uncovered. 

  1. For Your Yard

The backyard is the most appealing choice for when you want to spend some me-time away from the crowd. A 12×16 feet spacious, latticed pergola design will be affordable and enable you to find comfort in the lush outdoor region. 

Unlike the patios and decks, your yard pergola doesn’t have to align with any other structure. This allows you the freedom to choose the size of your outdoor addition. If you are looking for a small gathering, you can include a 16×20 feet arbour in your Brisbane house.

Summing Up

Whether your house is located at New Farm or West End, you want your house to look the best. 

Now, the outdoor addition of pergolas in Brisbane is an excellent idea for your house. It can not only provide the rich appearance that you want and the comfort your guests need. However, you must be cautious with the placement of the arbour, as the wrong size and design can dampen the charm of your humble abode.

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