Are you Using These Productive Applications for Mac?

When it comes to the list of computers that offer users top-notch performance paired with excellent exteriors, very few come close to Apple’s Macs in both aspects. Apple’s computers are powerful devices that offer users the option to perform even the most challenging and resource-requiring computational tasks with ease. Moreover, the powerful operating system that powers Macs, called macOS, packs in tons of useful features and functionalities that facilitate individuals to use Macs to the best of their capabilities. Apple rolls out a major macOS update every year, which packs in numerous updates in terms of looks, features, and functionalities. According to Apple, the new macOS Ventura features many revamped native utilities and upgrades, including a brand-new mail application, a redesigned Spotlight app, and many more impressive additions. 

What makes Macs even more versatile is their capability to support third-party applications of numerous genres. macOS can run many applications manufactured by third-party developers, including Adobe Photoshop, VLC Media Player, etc. One of the most popular genres of applications that macOS users all around the globe love using is productivity apps. All apps belonging to the genre facilitate users to be more productive and use their Mac in a useful and effective manner. This article will cover some of the most powerful productivity applications using which individuals can truly enhance their productivity. Let us dive right into it:

  • Pumble

An essential part of working together with other individuals is communication, especially when every team member is working remotely. Even though emails are good for conveying messages, they do not allow multiple individuals to communicate seamlessly and collaborate. This is where the Pumble app comes in. It is a free business communication application that facilitates users to collaborate with their colleagues via direct messages, channels, or threads. Besides this, the application also facilitates users to share files with their coworkers, search for files or messages to find and access important information, and actively track all files in the file browser. The app also features a “Guest User” option that allows individuals to collaborate with people outside their company. Moreover, Pumble also allows users to customize their sidebar, which comes in handy when users wish to find the required channels. It is a great application remotely-working individuals can use to communicate and collaborate without hiccups.  

  • iCloud

If you are a macOS user, you may need to back up your device’s data to ensure it remains safe. This is where iCloud comes in. It is a top-tier cloud-storage platform that facilitates users to store, manage and access files using any Apple device, including Macs, iPhones, and iPads. For instance, if users are wondering how to get contacts from Google to iPhone, there is an easy method following which they can get the job done. They would need to import their Google contacts to their Mac. Once they are done with the import process, they can use iCloud to sync them across multiple Apple devices, including iPhones. Every Mac user with tons of files and folders who wishes to work productively should use the iCloud app or platform to store, manage, and share files seamlessly. 

  • Krisp

When using a Mac to work, there are instances when users get distracted due to numerous reasons, such as pets barking, infants or babies crying, etc. To work without getting distracted, users can install and use the Krisp app, a powerful tool that facilitates users to cut noise on their end and background noise coming out from other speakers. The powerful noise cancellation app offers an echo cancellation feature that facilitates users to eliminate nose and room echo. With the help of the “Meetings Insight” section, users can conveniently check the overview of their meetings, the total time spent attending meetings, and the overall talk time. The best part about Krisp is that it integrates with over 800 applications; thus, users can utilize the app’s features even while using another application. Users who wish to attend virtual meetings without getting distracted by sound or noise should use the app and work more productively. 

  • Bear

Note Taking has become very common nowadays. Everyone, from working professionals to students, uses note-taking applications to jot down important points and facts during important meetings or lectures. Moreover, some also utilize note-taking apps to create routines and schedules and stick to them. Every Mac user who is on the lookout for a top-tier, productivity-enhancing note-taking application should use Bear. It is a great app for individuals to take notes, make to-do lists, write content, etc. The app offers numerous features to users, including the powerful Focus mode, Shortcuts, Tags, etc. Moreover, users can also add attachments and export their notes in several formats using the app. 

If you own a Mac and are not using these productivity apps, install and start using the aforementioned apps as soon as possible to increase your productivity.