Anthony Davis Net Worth: Salary, Money, Contract

Anthony Davis is an American professional Basketball player whose net worth is staggering and indeed at another level. He plays for Los Angeles Lakers and plays at the power forward and centre positions. Anthony is a seven-time NBA All-star in successive years from 2014 to 2020. He also won the NBA championship in 2020 with the LA Lakers. Anthony was included in the list of 75 all-time greatest players in NBA history. He has also been a vital part of the US national basketball team and was one of the very few players who was selected in the Olympics team without having played in the NBA.

Anthony Davis Net Worth

The net worth of Anthony Davis is estimated to be $100 million. His salary is estimated to be at $30 million with the LA Lakers. He has earned this humongous net worth through high salaries and endorsements. Anthony has signed a $190 million deal with LA Lakers in the year 2020. He is one of the best-earning athletes at present. Anthony is mighty rich and has established himself as a great basketball player. He has invested heavily in real estate and owns some of the best properties. His wise investment has made his future very secure and through his great earnings, he can lead a very luxurious life and also take very good care of his family.

Anthony Davis Net Worth: Playing Career

Anthony Davis is a player who is considered to be one of the best power forward and centre position players. He has very good shooting, driving and passing skills. He started his professional career with New Orleans Hornets in 2012 and played for them till 2019.

Anthony Davis Net Worth
Superstar of NBA Anthony Davis

He established himself into a great player with the Hornets. Anthony requested a trade in 2018. He then joined LA Lakers in the year 2019 and plays for them presently. His career has been filled with ups and downs because of many reasons. He has never been a constant performer without the exceptional ability he possesses. He can do many wonders as a player and is working hard on that.


Anthony Davis continuously supports charitable activities and helps the people in need. He has his foundation named The Anthony Davis Foundation through which he helps children to stay active and excel in school and co-curricular activities. Anthony also donated an amount to help feed the frontline workers during the Covid-19 onslaught. He has also won awards for his charitable activities.

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