A Guide to Choosing Media Agencies

The world is a globalised space where media dictates the flow of information. In such a space, those who capture the general public’s attention perform exponentially better. However, not everyone is a media expert. Media agencies have become increasingly popular in Sydney, especially with the shift in marketing trends and business boom. On the other hand, choosing a media agency in Sydney is daunting because several agencies promise positive results, but only a few deliver. Worry not because this guide details what to look for while navigating the market for marketing agencies!

What is a media agency?

A media agency is an advertising agency that specialises in the planning, buying and placing of media. Media agencies are a part of the advertising industry, and their main focus is to create, buy and place advertisements on media platforms.

What do Media Agencies in Sydney do?

Media agencies are in charge of the media planning of your brand. They help you reach your target market, create a marketing strategy suited to your business and select the best medium for your campaign. They’ll also help you measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign so that it becomes more effective over time.

Why are they Media Experts? Benefits of hiring a media agency

  • A media agency can be a valuable resource for any business wanting to expand its reach. They have the expertise and know-how to help your company reach customers, clients, and more.
  • An experienced media agency knows how to run effective campaigns and will help you create a marketing strategy that will work best for your business.
  • When choosing a digital marketing agency, you must find one with experience in the field of digital marketing—one who understands that online consumers have different preferences. An excellent way to tell if an agency is qualified is by talking with them about their past campaigns and seeing the results they’ve gotten from each one. Your ideal partner should also be able to provide data on their previous campaigns so you can see how many leads came through and sales figures derived from their services (if applicable).

Be wary of agencies that guarantee results.

You should be wary of agencies that guarantee results.

Agency relationships are not like a machine: you put in money, and out comes a business. There are plenty of variables at play, not all of which your agency can control. Therefore, it’s best to find an agency with the right approach for your goals and objectives rather than one that guarantees results. Agencies that guarantee results typically have a high turnover rate; they may even be using unethical practices to achieve their results.

What to look for while hiring a media agency?

  • Experience – Choose a media agency in Sydney that has experience in your specific field of trade or commerce. Marketing is more specific than people believe it to be, and a little specialised experience can go a long way.
  • Target Audience – Observing how a media agency markets itself is a foolproof way to assess whether they have experience working with your intended target audience.
  • Budgeting – While investing in marketing is a wise decision for the future, it will not end well if the marketing sector drains the business. Budget well and plan accordingly.

Sydney’s Media Marketing Trends

Sydney is a growing market with many opportunities for businesses to grow. In fact, Sydney’s population has been increasing by approximately 2% per year since 2006. This is likely due to its multicultural nature; while Sydney itself has an overall population of 3 million, its greater metropolitan area houses over 5 million people from more than 200 countries and cultures, making it one of Australia’s most diverse cities.

The city also boasts a large portion of young people who are interested in media and technology (including social media). According to the latest census data, almost 40% of the city’s inhabitants are between 15-34 years old – so this age group makes up an important segment of your target market!