4 Ways To Help You Choose The Best Tea In Australia

Tea, nature’s ‘wonder drug,’ has many health benefits. It helps promote good health, increases metabolic rate, lowers the stress hormone, possesses anti-depressant and anti-cancer properties, decreases chances of cognitive impairment, boosts the immune system, boosts mental alertness, has the anti-diabetes effect and many more. Tea offers many benefits; this is why it is the world’s second most consumed beverage. Moreover, tea also makes up the best gifting option for various occasions. If you are wondering what you should give your friends and relatives this Christmas, consider gifting the best tea in Australia.

Tea is a significant part of modern Australian culture, and due to the country’s favourable climate, it can also be grown and produced here. Around half of the country’s population (9.8 million) are tea drinkers and drink at least one cup weekly. Hot tea is a popular beverage among older Australians, who are the leading drinkers of hot tea (61%) in an average week. Today, tea drinkers are more interested in top-quality products that provide specific health benefits. This is why Australia’s demand for healthy herbal blends and functional botanical tea has increased tremendously in the past few years. So if you want to gift your dear ones something that delights them, buying a nice-sized tea gift hamper can be a great choice. Further, here are some valuable ideas to help you buy tea that will make an outstanding gift for others. Continue reading!

Buy loose tea and a tea infuser

Loose-leaf tea is undoubtedly the best choice for a gift because it is significantly better in quality than tea bags, and you pay for the quality of the leaf rather than the packaging. However, brewing of loose-tea leaves requires a bit of equipment. So if you are buying a tea gift for someone not used to drinking loose-leaf tea, you must provide a tea infuser and possibly a teapot or tea set. A basket infuser is an excellent option because it can be used with a typical mug and inside most teapots. 

Consider the tastes and preferences of the recipient

Before you start browsing the diverse collection of tea available in the market, think about the specific tastes and preferences of the person you are buying it for. Think about what the receipt enjoys most. Do you remember that person who made any remarks about tea, food, or drinks? You can even casually ask the person if they have any opinions or preferences in tea and take note of what they say.

Buy different teas in small quantities rather than buying a few in large quantities

People often receive gifts that are different from what they want. This is especially true when you buy a product like tea that you may not have sampled. When you are in the market to buy tea as a gift, you are likely to stumble upon one or two teas that the person is not crazy about. So it is better to buy a large sample set with various teas from different regions and vastly different flavour profiles. Even if your receipt does not like all of them, there are chances they will like some of them.  

Buy tea from different styles and regions                                                    

No doubt, when it comes to buying tea gifts, it is easier to buy from a single company. But you are always free to choose different varieties of a particular category of tea that the person likes. For example, if the person is a fan of north Australian tea, you can order different flushes (first flush, second flush, autumnal flush). Similarly, if a person likes green tea, you can buy the best tea in Australia from different estates and tea gardens for them. 

There are different tea gifts for you to choose from, and you might have difficulty picking out the best one for your recipients. However, by keeping the above things in mind, you can surely find the best gifts and be remembered for some time.